Ether fields visualisation - Visualisation des champs d'Ether

Demonstration of the existence of a vital field around objects and organisms

The goal of the researches done and presented in this page was to find a simple and accessible mean to all, to make visible etheric energy. Following a theory this goal was reached in 1997. I imagined that the conjunction between an electric field (electrostatic) and a vital field (electrovital) should produce movement (according to the law of correspondances with the Laplace's forces in physics, saying that the perpendicular conjunction of a magnetic field and of an electric one produces movement), I set up the following method: a plexiglas plate, rubed with a rag to create an electrical field on the surface. Then I place this electrified plate on the object which vital field I would like to see. I sprinkle the plate with thin iron powder (about 40 microns). Powder then just laies upon the object. The latter is visible because of the transparency of the plate, and immediately a strong repulsive field throws out the powder, and reveals -where there's no more powder- what I call the vital field of the object. This field is the etheric (or particle field) counterpart of any physical shape, animated by what I call the electrovital fluid. Which must not be confused with prana, nor with electromagnetism which is a particular expression of the said "fluid".

In the experiences is shown the vital field of a cristal, a plant (recently cut), a face before and after a inner focus in the center of energy between the eyebrows (called ajna center by oriental people), and finally of the cranium (or brain) of two people.

Pictures are taken regularly each 4 or 5 minutes, just the needed time to take off the powder from the plate, to rub it and then to lay down again iron powder. Each consecutive picture shows the progressive evolution ot the field's form, thus demonstrating a coherence between the shots, which excludes the idea that this phenomenom could be a random one. The field is moving and progressing in time as something alive. One of the next projects is to film in real time the evolution of this field with a simple video camera.

One will notice that concerning the shots of the cranium, the energetic signature of the field is different from one individual to another. What leads to think about a new form of study of the human organism...

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