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The very basis of the Ether sciences are made of three main concepts :

1- The concept of Ether/Particles
2- The concept of Koilon
3- The concept of Aether

1- The concept of Ether/Particles

Matter is made of molecules, atoms and particles. Nuclear physics knows how to disintegrate atoms to release the inner particles of the nucleus. Once released after big impacts between atoms of atoms and particles, each particle has a definite speed and kinetic energy which is "signature".

The ancient tradition says that these particles exist also around us at low speed. And that they form streams and shapes, even bodies, made of particles. These particles move at low speed and are not combined into atomic nuclei. They are free or aggregated, they form thus a subtle counterpart of our material world. There exists four levels of particles before the state of atomic nucleus. They are called the four ethers. Each object has its own counterpart of various ether levels. Then the planet has alos its counterpart, limited to a certain extend beyond the physical shape. Then all around is made of an unkown undifferenciated substance (see in the next paragraphs: koilon), which is not made of any particle, but is the nature of the so called "void". Then Ether according to the ancient is not at all contradictory with the experience of Michelson-Morley.

The first level or first Ether is made of the very first and smallest particles of the physical world. These particles are called "Anu" and are the first building stones. Some are rotating from clockwise and others counterclockwise. The second, third and fourth level are composed of specific families of aggregated groups. Some of these groups may be found in the atom nuclei, and some form subtle materials. These material may exist individually or as the subtle counterpart of the material and objective things or bodies of the physical world.

The primordial particle: Anu
From "Principles of Light and Color", Edwin D. Babbitt, 1896 - second (complete) edition.
Quoted in "Treatise on Cosmic Fire", p.1181 - A. Bailey, Ed. Lucis

"The general form of an atom [note: a-tom in its first signification: which can not be cut, that is to say the very first particle, the smallest one], including the spirals and the 1st spirillae, together with influx and efflux (...) represented by dots, which pass through these spirillae. The 2nd and 3rd spirillae (...) are not shown.

Click here to download the ANU full size picture with the legend of colors and type of electricity on the spirillae (499ko)

Quotation from "Occult chemistry":

p. 13

"As we have seen, a chemical atom may be dissociated into less complicated bodies; these again, into still less complicated; these again, into yet still less complicated. After the third dissociation but one more is possible: the fourth dissociation gives the ultimate physical atom [particle] on the atomic subplane [level of the first particle], the Anu. This may vanish from the plane, but it can undergo no further dissociation on it. In this ultimate state of physical matter two types of units, or Anu, have been observed; they are alike in everything save the direction of their whorls and of the force which pours through them. In the one case force pours in from the "outside", from fourth-dimensional space, the Astral plane, and passing through the Anu, pours into the physical world. In the second, it pours in from the physical world, and out through the Anu into the "outside" again, i.e. vanishes from the physical world. The one is like a spring, from which water bubbles out; the other is like a hole, into which matter disappears [note: here should be understood some material forces or streams of unknown forces]. We call the Anu from which force comes out positive or male: those through which it disappears, negative or female. All Anu, so far as observed, are of one or other of these two forms"

Occult Chemistry p. 13
(see the correspondance with the works of A. Kaivarainen).

(...) "In order to examine the construction of the Anu, a space is artificially made (by a certain action of the will, known to the students it is possible to make such a space pressing back and walling off the matter of space). Then, if an opening be made in the wall thus constructed, the surrounding force flows in, and three whorls immediately appear surrounding the "hole" with their triple spiral of two and a half coil, and returning to their origin bay a spiral within the Anu; these are at once followed by seven finer whorls, which, following the spiral of the first three on the outer surface, and returning to their origin by a spiral within that, flowing in the opposite direction - form a caduceus with the first three. Each of the three coarser whorls, flattened out, makes a closed circle; each of the finer whorls is formed of seven yet finer ones, set successively at right angles to each other, each finer than its predecessor; these we call spirillae (...)

Close-up 1 of the spirillae
("Principles of Light and Color")

In the three whorls flow currents of different electricities [note: then who knows what electricity really is?]; the seven whorls vibrate in response to etheric waves of all kinds - to sound, light, heat, etc.; they show the seven colours of the spectrum; give out the seven sound of the natural scale; respond in a variety of ways to physical vibration - flashing, singing, pulsing bodies, they move incessantly, inconeivably beautiful and brillant.

The Anu is a sun in miniature in its own universe of the inconceivably minute. Each of the seven whorls is connected with one of the Planetary Logoi [note: living essence of each planet of the solar system], so that each Planetary Logoi has a direct influence playing on the very matter of which all things are constructed. It may be supposed that the three conveying electricity, a differenciation of Fohat [the universal living power, archetype of all types of fire], are related to the Solar logos [the living essence of the Sun].

Force pours into the heart-shapped depression at the top of the Anu, and issues from the point, and is changed in character by its passage; further, force rushes through every spiral and every spirilla, and the changing shades of colours that flash out from the rapidly revolving and vibrating Anu depend on the several activities of the spirals; sometimes one, sometimes another, is thrown into more energetic action, and with the change of activity from one spiral to another, the colour changes.

The Anu has, as observed so far - three proper motions, i.e. motions of its own, independent of any impoçsed upon it from outside. It turns incessantly upon its own axis, spinning like a top; it describes a small circle; it has a regulare pulsation, a contraction and expansion, like the pulsation of the heart. When a force is brought to bear upon it, it dances up and down, flings itself wildly from side to side, performs the most astonishing and rapid gyrations, but the three fundamental motions incessantly persist. If it be made to vibrate, as a whole, at the rate which gives any one of the seven colours, the whorl belonging to that colour glows out brillantly. An electric current brought to bear upon the Anu checks their proper motions, i.e. render them slower; the Anu exposed to it arrange themselves in parallel lines, and in each line the heart shaped depression receives the flow, which passes out through the apex into the depression of the next, and so on. The Anu always set themselves to the current".


2- The concept of Koilon

Their is not such a concept in the occidental thought. However an aspect of this essential concept is understood by modern science as the "void". Seen with etheric perceptiveness, the Anu exists in an ocean of undifferentiated substance, which properties are infinite elasticity and density. In this unknown substance which forms an unbreakable whole, the infinite power called "Fohat" by the theosophists digs holes in this primordial matrix. The latter arrange themselves in a double spiral movement to create the spirillae of the very first particle, Anu.

Quotation: Occult chemistry, p. 16-17 :

Let us for the moment name this substance Koilon (Greek word meaning "hollow"), since it fills what we are in the habit of calling empty space. What Mulaprakriti or "mother matter" is to the inconceivable totality of universes, koilon is to our particular universe - not our solar system merely, but to the vast unit which includes all visible suns. Between koilon and Mulaprakriti there must be very many stages, but we have at present no means of estimating their number or of knowing anything whatever about them.

To any power of sight which we can bring to bear upon it this koilon appears homogeneous, though it is not probable that it is so in reality. It answers to scientific demands in so far that it is out of all proportion denser than any substance known to us - quite infinitely denser - belonging to another order and type of density altogether. For the very kernel and nexus of the whole conception is that what we call matter is not koilon, but the absence of koilon. So that to comprehend the real conditions we must modify our ideas of matter and space - modify them almost to the extent of reversing our terminology. Emptiness has become solidity and solidity emptiness.

To help us to understand more clearly let us examine the ultimate atom [particle] of the physical plane. It is composed of ten rings or wires, which lie side by side, but never touch one another. If one of these wires be taken away from the atom [particle], and as it were untwisted from its peculiar spiral shape and laid out on a flat surface, it will be seen that it is a complete circle - a tightly twisted endless coil. This coil is itself a spiral containing 1680 turns; it can be unwound, and it will then make a much larger circle. There are in each wire seven sets of such coils or spirillae, each finer than the preceding coil, to which its axis lies at right angles. The process of unwinding them in succession may be continued until we have nothing but an enormous circle of the tiniest imaginable dots lying like pearls upon an invisible string. These dots are so inconceivably small that many millions of them are needed to make one ultimate physical atom [particle]. (…)

Close-up 2 of the spirillae
(Occult chemistry)

These units are all alike, spherical and absolutely simple in construction. Though they are the basis of all matter, they are not themselves matter; they are not blocks but bubbles. They do not resemble bubbles floating in the air, which consist of a thin film of water separating the air within them from the air outside, so that the film has both an outer and an inner surface. Their analogy is rather with the bubbles that we see rising in water, bubbles which may be said to have only one surface - that of the water which is pushed back by the contained air. Just as the bubbles are not water, but are precisely the spots from which water is absent, so these units are not koilon but the absence of koilon - the only spots where it is not - specks of nothingness floating in it, so to speak, for the interior of these space-bubbles is an absolute void to the highest power of vision that we can turn upon them.

P. 20 :

"The koilon in which all these bubbles are formed undoubtedly represents a part, an perhaps the principal part, of what science describes [written in 1907] as the luminiferous aether. Whether it is actually the bearer of the vibrations of light and heat through interplanetary space is as yet undetermined. It is certain that these vibrations impinge upon and are perceptible to our bodily senses only through the etheric matter of the physical plane. But this by no means proves that they are conveyed through space in the same manner, for we know very little of the extent to which the physical etheric matter exists in interplanetary and interstellar space, though the examination of meteoric matter and cosmic dust shows that at least some of it is scattered there.

The scientific theory is that the aether has some quality which enables it to transmit at a certain definite velocity transverse waves of all lengths and intensities - that velocity being what is commonly called the speed of light. Quite probably this may be true of koilon, and if so it must also be capable of communicating those waves to bubbles or aggregations of bubbles, and before the light can reach our eyes, there must be a downward transference from plane to plane similar to that which takes place when a thought awakens emotion or causes action.

In a recent pamphlet on The density of Aether, Sir Oliver Lodge remarks "just as the ratio of mass to volume is small in the case of a solar system or a nebula or a cobweb, I have been driven to think that the observed mechanical density of matter is probably an excessively small fraction of the total density of the substance, or aether, contained in the space which it thus partially occupies - the substance, of which it may hypothetically be held to be composed.

(…) In the same pamphlet, Sir Oliver Lodge makes a very striking estimate of the intrinsic energy of the aether. He says: "The total output of a million-kilowatt power station for thirty million years exists permanently, and at present inaccessibly, in every cubic millimetre of space". Here again he is probably underestimating rather than overestimating the stupendous truth."


This unknown substance is then the true conveyer of all types of waves, and each level of Ether, each population of particle becomes a resonator of one set of vibrations (octave). Then their exists vibrations or range of vibrations in koilon, ether 1, 2, 3, 4 and atoms/molecules. For instance, sound is a range of vibrations in the air molecules, but it is known to be the consequence of a vibration in the third ether at first, and electromagnetism could be a range of vibrations in the fourth ether, which cause is maybe generated in the koilon itself (transmission of electromagnetic waves in space). Then their exists other ranges unknown to science, belonging to the other populations of ether, and even to the matrix level: koilon. This primordial mother of all matter is also existing as the mother of all the range of worlds or dimensions – called "Mulaprakriti" by the early Hindus. Each dimension being composed of its own population of particles and atoms. For instance, the astral plane (where the dead go and from where the new born souls come) is one of these universes. The mental plane also etc. The tradition recognizes seven levels or dimensions for a given solar system.

The Ether substance (levels 1 to 4) is the custodian and conveyer of various unknown energies. It behaves like an extrafluid and is always moving, turning and pulsing at various rates. The geometrical shapes are able to focus, concentrate and orient the streams of ether substance. As well as the electrical lines of force, forming asymmetrical focalizing shapes for the etheric or particle substance (Note the Befield-Brown effect is certainly not (only) an ion effect, for even TT Brown proved his condensers were able to move in oil, which is not a ionic medium at all – Then it tends to prove the existence of an etheric extrafluid very different from the ions which are much more bigger than particles).

The four Ethers

Each level has its own type of particles. And once an atom is naturally dissociated in its consituants, the latter find their way to their proper level. Concerning the atom of hydrogen, here are its various constituants on the four ether levels. The small heart shapes are the primordial particles (Anu):

But there exists various types of Ether 2,3,4 particles and compounds of particles.

See the couples of particles we meet on the second Ether, as well as the triplets. Below is an extract of the interesting work of Alex Kairavainen :

"New concept of Bivacuum is introduced, as a dynamic matrix of the Universe, composed from non mixing sub-quantum particles of the opposite energies, forming vortical structures. These structures are presented by infinitive number of three-dimensional (3D) double cells-dipoles, each cell containing pair of correlated rotors and antirotors: V(+) and V(-) of the opposite quantized energy, virtual mass, spin, charge and magnetic moments. The matter in form of sub-elementary particles or antiparticles is a result of double cells symmetry shift towards the positive or negative energy, correspondingly. Their triplets form elementary particles and antiparticles. The [corpuscle (C) - wave (W)] duality is a result of quantum beats between the 'actual' and 'complementary' states of sub-elementary particles/antiparticles. The [C] phase represents the mass, electric and magnetic asymmetric dipoles. The [W] phase exists in form of Cumulative virtual cloud (CVC) of sub-quantum particles. It is shown, that Principle of least action is a consequence of introduced 'Harmonization force (HaF)' of asymmetric Bivacuum. The influence of HaF of Bivacuum oscillation on matter is a result of induced resonance between virtual pressure waves (VPW) of Bivacuum and [C-W] pulsation of sub-elementary particles and antiparticles, forming electrons, positrons, quarks, etc. The system [Bivacuum + Matter] has properties of the active medium, tending to Golden mean conditions. The mechanism of quantum entanglement is proposed also. The pace of time for any closed system is determined by pace of kinetic energy change of this system, related to in-phase change of electromagnetic and gravitational fields".

Now, the types of Ether 3 particles:

And the type of Ether 4 particles :

Then we have the atomic level, made the above shapes and compounds arranged into dynamic geometrical shapes of spinning vortices. We have seven fundamental geometrical shapes. For instance the Carbon belongs to the octahedron group, with height funnels or main vortices on each side of the octahedron. When two atoms of carbon associates, two vortices join together. So here the number of funnels or vortices is twice the carbon's valence. Then, what are really the electrons...?

Below the periodic law after Crookes according to the classification
of the geometrical dynamic shapes of the elements
from the observations made in "Occult Chemistry"

Click here to download the full size graphic (jpg 182k)

Here is now a table settled to understand in a better way the relations between etheric matter and atomic matter. Each line has in fact seven sublevels (except the Subquantic matrix or koilon line, for it is not structure or shape matter). The totality of physical matter being thus distributed in 49 (7x7) levels.

Subquantic matrix, or "koilon"

The very root of the physical universe, an undifferenciated substance giving birth to the very first particles, and being certainly the support for any kind of waves.
Ether 1 Primmordial particles "Anu", spin leftt and spin right
Ether 2 Pairs or triplets, until 5 particles arrangements
Ether 3 2 two 9 particles arrangements
Ether 4 Very complex arrangements, numerous particles for a given shape. Supergazeous state, the colored flames observed from crystals by the sensitive people of Karl von Reichenbach in the 19th century.
Gas Seven sublevels: Plasma is the last Gas sublevel before ether4; and heavy gazeous compounds form the first sublevel after the liquid state.


3- The concept of Aether

This is another and quite different thing. We are speaking here of what we should call a creative energy, which is the very basis of electric, life and magical phenomenons. According to the Ancients, this energy exists on the higher worlds or dimensions of the whole universe and passes through the dimensions until our physical world. On the astral plane (the so called "fourth dimension" – not time) it is called by the cabalists "astral light". This energy filtrates on the physical plane as a subtle light and it is called then Od, Orgone, or Electrovital fluid. It has all the creative potentials of the four elemental forces plus the electrical aspect.

That is to say that from it we can create life, electricity, heat, cold, water etc.

It has been studied and used by various searchers for centuries. It was well known by the Greeks and the Egyptians and drawn as a snake. Franz Anton Mesmer used it to heal, because it is the cause of the nervous influx, the electric ionic processes of the membranes being a consequence of the presence of this fluid (think a bout magnetic healers who anaesthetize members) and not a cause. Under certain conditions this electrovital fluid may be dissociated in its original components, and then electricity may appear. The organic membranes always act as an element of the dissociation process. A French searcher about 1950 built apparatus to generate free electricity (12v DC) and other elemental fluids, based on the knowledge of the ancients concerning this Aetheric fluid. He also generated unknown protozoan from no genetic source, as well as did Wilhlem Reich.

This light comes from the Sun directly in its rays (experiments of Karl von Reichenbach ) and the works of Whilhelm Reich, and once it touches the etheric substance, the latter becomes a conveyer of the latter and becomes enlightened. The base chakra of each living creature of the four known kingdoms represent infinite source of such energy and an opened door to the fourth dimension or astral plane, the "closest home" of this creative light (in the mineral kingdom, crystals and magnets are the most representative examples, seen as bipolar color sources of etheric flames which take a different fixed colors according to the four direction of the Earth…). Aether is also called the 5th element for it is the matrix of the four known elemental forces and of electricity which play a binding part between them.

Then Aether or the electrovital fluid, or the astral light manifested on the physical plane, should be the real source of free energy. Once one learns how to dissociate this electrovital fluid, then free electricity (and other aetheric fluids) may be extracted and accumulated. The rotation at high speed of such sources, even oscillations, vacuum conditions, the use of filtrating organic membranes and electric polarization are various aspect of the work to be done to extract free electricity.

See the works of Louis Boutard (the French man quoted above, the Searl effect, Hutchison batteries are an expression of this knowledge).

Then, you know now three basic concepts to understand the science of Ether which must not be mixed. On these basis which are the knowledge of the ancient initiates of Antiquity, the modern theories and concepts, calculations of Science may be applied. We have just made a step towards the very causes of the electrical and technical knowledge of the present science. Once the highest causes are known and mastered, all the modern techniques may be improved in an incredible way…

Cedric Dumas
August 8th, 2002
updated August 28th, 2002



OCCULT CHEMISTY, Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater, 1951 Ed. Adyar
Investigation by clairvoyant magnification into the structure of atoms of the periodic table and of some compounds. Contents: Introduction to the Third edition; The nature of Matter; the Hydrogen Group; the Spike Group; the Dumb-Bell group; The tetrahedron group A; The tetrahedron group B; The cube group A; The cube group B; The bars group; The star group; [note: these groups correspond to the geometrical structures and dynamic position of vortices in the atom, these vortices being composed of various numbers of counter rotative particles...]; Compounds; Catalysis, Crystallisation; Conclusion; Analysis of the structure of the Elements; Table of atomic Weights; notes and reports of certain of the investigations; index. 230 Illustrations, 396 pages.
ISBN 0-7873-0106-X
Price : $34
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Including Among other Things: The Harmonic Laws of the Universe, The Etherio-Atomic Philosophy of Force, Chromo Chemistry, Chromo Therapeutics, and the General Philosophy of the Fine Forces. A partial list of the extensive contents Includes: Harmonic Laws of the Universe: Light, Nature, Harmonic Colors In Architecture, Insufficiency of the Present theories of Light and Force: Chemical and Therapeutical Properties of Color, Shadow is an Entity, New Worlds of Light and Color; The Etherio-Atomic Philosophy of Force: Nature of Atomic Spirals, Ethereal Forces, Grades of Ether; Transverse, Converse & Paraverse Layers of Atoms; Positive & Negative Electricity; The Sun Forming Process, Spectrum Analysis; Chromo-Therapeutics: The Healing Power of Color, Disastrous Effects of Lack of Sunlight, Practical lnstruments for Color Healing; Chromo Culture of Vegetable Life; Higher Grades of lights and Forces: Odic Light, Magnetism; Beauty of the Fine Forces; Finer vision. This is the complete edition of 1878, including all four full color plates and hundreds of illustrations.
#B0064, 576pp, color illustrations, spirals ... $75.00

"Shape Power", Dan Davidson, 1997, Rivas publishing

Alex Kaivarainen : "Unified Model of Bivacuum, Particles Duality, Electromagnetism, Gravitation & Time. The Superfluous Energy of Asymmetric Bivacuum. (pdf 887k)

Karl von Reichenbach
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F.D. O'Byrne
This is a must have for every Borderland Scientist investigating Vital Force. The introduction is very informative about the history and controversy surrounding the discovery of Od and the attempts to discredit Reichenbach in the press. These letters were printed as a defense in the Allegemeine Zeitung a German Political newspaper and are the most readable descriptions of the experiments with Odic Forces. This marvelous book concludes with three supplemental chapters: Odic Force as Explanation of Clairvoyance, Differences Between Od and Heat, Electricity, and Magnetism Respectively, Suggestions for Experiments to Bring the Effect of Odic Force within the Ken of Non-sensitives.
#B0999, 191pp, staples… $12.95

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Baron Karl von Reichenbach.
Letters on a Newly Discovered Power in Nature, and its Relation to Magnetism, Electricity, Heat and Light. Contents: Sensitive Persons; Od-Crystals-The Dark Room; The Sun-The Moon-The Iris; Magnetism, Animal Magnetism; Man, the Bearer of Od; Mesmerism-The Magnetic Pass and Magnetic Doctors; Chemism; Sound - Friction - Springs; Heat - Electricity - The Material World; Loading and Conduction of Od; Dualism of Od; The Rainbow of Od - The Polar-Light of our Globe; Magnetism and Odics of our Globe; Velocity of Conduction; Radiation; Distance of Projectile Motion; Atmosphere of Od; Odoscope; Etymology of the word "Od".
#B0202, 144 pp, velobound ... $11.95

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[Physico-physiological Researches on the Dynamics of Magnetism, Electricity, Heat, Light, Crystallization, and Chemism]
Baron Charles von Reichenbach
This scientific tome is full of the observations and experiments performed by the Baron. It is divided into eight treatise's: The Magnetic Light, Crystals, Certain Physical and Physiological Laws of the Organic Force, The Rays of the Sun and Moon, Chemism, Matter in General, Dualism in the Odic Phenomena, Luminous Phenomena. Over 400 pages of small print, this book is a gold mine of technical descriptions of the Dynamics of Vital Force.
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Same book as above "Dynamics of vital force" - (but more expensive!!)
Or, Physico-Physiological Researches on the Dynamics of Magnetism, Electricity, Heat, Light, Crystallization, and Chemism in Their Relations to Vital Force. Contents: The Magnetic Light; Crystals; Certain Physical and Physiological Laws of the Organic Force; The Rays of the Sun and of the Moon; Chemism; Matter In General; Dualism in the Odic Phenomena; Conclusion.
456 pages
ISBN 0-7873-0914-1
Price: $35.00


A rare book of magnetism, odic force, and magnets. Od is a force in nature hitherto unknown, akin to the great natural forces of light, heat, electricity, magnetism, chemical affinity, etc. These were formerly called imponderable substances, but that name is now abandoned for the better and more correct one of natural forces. Od pervades the whole universe, and radiates out from every particle of matter but is equally distributed. Wherever there is magnetism, heat, electricity, friction, motion, chemical action, or putrefaction, od is actively developed, or concentrated, and it may be perceived under favorable circumstances. It is a peculiarity of od that not everybody can perceive it.
253 pages
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Letters on a newly discovered power in nature, and its relation to magnetism, electricity, heat and light.
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