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Stranges apparatus and micro RC hobby (in French)

An interesting approach of Taiji Quan and vital energy (in French)

Many datas to build High Power supplies

Matt Behrend's Tesla Coil Web Site - Certainly one of the most professional websites on Tesla coils: maths, graphics, calcul of the various parameters to make a Tesla coil. New!

Rex Research - Rex Research was established in 1982 by Robert A. Nelson to archive and distribute hard-to-find information about unconventional, suppressed, dormant, and/or emerging technologies, inventions, theories and therapies that offer real hope of liberating humanity. [Really and incredible and very useful database on free energy and antigravity, among other important subjects] New!

Blaze Electronics Lab : This website describes some new theories and ideas backed by experimental tests on physics topics which are by far incomplete in conventional science.

American Antigravity : many informations concerning lifters and antigravity, and the works of important searchers.

JLN Labs : the website of Jean Louis Naudin, at the origin of the Lifter design and tests. Many, many other researches, apparatus concerning free energy, antigravity etc...
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Site France :

Basics of high voltage probe design
pdf file if the link is broken (37k pdf)

How to build a very High Voltage probe (80kv)
Or pdf file if the link is broken (171k pdf)

Electronic courses online - Free (in French)
Cours d'électronique en ligne gratuits - Un excellent site pour ceux qui veulent remettre à jour leurs connaissances en électronique/physique/mathématique avant de se lancer dans la construction d'appareillages quelconques. Cours très complet et didactiques, faciles à comprendre et à assimiler, avec des exemples, schémas, exercices.