The final secret of antigravity ? - Part 2
Le secret final de l'antigravité ? - 2nd volet











Antigravific Polarization by Spiro-Tension theory

The very basis of this second part of the Gravific Polarization theory needs to understand our universe as the last part or sphere of a much greater multidimensional universe. And our Earth as the last sphere of the multidimensional spheres of this multifold universe. There are seven such layers or dimensions in our solar system, and each one has seven subdivisions. For instance the seventh, the physical level (our space time), is divided into four ethers and three material states: gas, liquid, solid. The root substance of the physical level is called "koilon" or Subquantic Matrix. The root substance of the sevenfold universe is called "Mulaprakriti" by the Hindus, and it is the archetype of Koilon or Subquantic Matrix.

The ancient science says that this Submatrix, the undifferentiated substance from where any particle is created, is a veil between two dimensions (and others far beyond). It is the "horizon" of each level or dimensional sphere beyond the ultimate particle, and the very basis of any particle and atom.

In the multifold universe, the dimensional spheres rotate, and the path of energy between these dimensional rotating spheres is a spiral one - once it appears in a given space time, dimension or sphere. Then when a door is opened or at least a thin permeable zone is created, a spiral movement is generated, that pushes back the subquantic matrix and the other particles (ethers) that float in it. The force at the origin of this movement and tension is the true archetype of electricity, called Fohat (the Group-God of Fire) by the ancients.

When such a hole exists, it is called a Laya center or neutral center. Neutral because it exists on the limit between two dimensions. Each dimensional sphere being polarized regarding the next one, a neutral center exists on the neutral line or zone between two dimensional polarities.

Such a center is the entry point for life/movement, - in any particle or atom - and is the cause of its rotating movement (the same for the Earth). We open here a parenthesis: It is also of a paramount importance for man in Eastern philosophy since it is the opened door that permits him to have inner conscious exchanges with these dimensions (what we call states of consciousness). The well known "chakras" are nothing else than neutral centers…turning in the etheric body of man, that carry both life and consciousness. Through such holes, consciousness and life pass in both directions, from physical to the other dimensions and vice versa. It is the door of Jacob Ladder (the true symbol), also the portal of involution/evolution, of death and birth. End of the parenthesis.

(You can pass this paragraph if you are not yet familiar with the structure of matter according to "Occult Chemistry", or click the link below to know more). If we refer to the graphics showing the vortices in the atoms as well as the bubbles of void making the spirillae of the primmordial particle ( we see that vortices play an important part in the electric relation of the atoms. A vortex is the best mean to push back the undifferenciated substance of the subquantic matrix and to create a pressure gradient between the in an out. Then a vortex is a permanent zone of full and void, where the void inside is more important than the full outside. The bubbles of void have certainly a kind of electric polarity that make them create a spirilla. They are bublles of void in the subquantic matrix or undifferenciated substance, and this void is made by pressure from the inner center to the outer cicumference that pushes back the subquantic substance. Then electricity is certainly a gradient of pressure in this submatrix.

Let us see now what happens in the latter when we make rotate the inertial mass or/and when we apply a radial electric field to a circular shape :


Additional note:

A crystal as well as a magnet appears to sensitive people as a source of light, a blue flame at the apex of the crystal as well as at the North pole of the magnet; a red flame at the apex of the crystal, and the same at the South pole of the magnet. The works of Karl von Reichenbach show that the Earth behaves in the same way.

This astral light once on the physical plane is also called Od, and was designed by the Snake in the Egyptian hieroglyphs. This energy is also what we call the fifth element, or the vital force, the noumenon of electricity. This vital force is the same one that is at the origin of the nervous afflux. It was also called the nervous fluid. It was the vitalizing power of Keely's motor, comming from Keely itself, as it comes from sensitive people. This energy has a healing power (Mesmer used it to heal in the 18th century, and it was called at this time "animal magnetism", for it comes from magnets as well as from the human body (the noumenon of electricity and of the nervous afflux).

Then one will understand why the Searl Effect Generator (S.E.G.) diffuses a healing energy. The turning magnets are certainly increasing the radius of the odic light coming from their neutral center. This can be done also in an increasing vacuum. Since sensitive people also saw the light of a crystal increased in such a condition.

So what ?

This theory is based on sources and documents I have studied for more than a decade, and even if some details may be wrong, the whole is certainly right enough to begin to understand something to antigravity. I am not particularly attached to the S.E.G. works (see Roshin and Godin report of experiment - or in pdf file, as well as the website of the Searl effect. and the S.I.S.R.C. concerning the product of the Searl device) , for I think it is more important to understand what happens, than trying to replicate blindly what others have already done - i.e. why a device is able to levitate, why it is always linked to the rotation of masses, and to etheric polarity, as well as sometimes to electricity and sometimes magnetism. All this may be understood only if we succeed in linking the various aspects in a one view. Antigravity is a lost mystery, and many Hindu texts refer to such means of transport in the past of our present humanity. All the past hindu knowledge is based on the elements given above. That's why it is certainly a reliable source. The ancient sciences where certainly more simple than ours, but also more efficient because they where closer to reality.

Conclusion of this second part

The last developements led me to think that the S.E.G. uses certainly these elements to work. But I think that if the phenomenon is well understood, a cheaper and easier to build device could be created.

1- we could use rotating masses, and the best is certainly a series of rotating masses in a circular path to increase the inertial mass extension (see the inertial mass page in this website ). We need a material that can loose easily its etheric hidden mass (or inertial mass) or which mass may be strongly repelled by another element... This to elongate or create and increase the void in the submatrix by inertial centrifugation.

2- we can use a radial electric field (HV or not), the minus or plus in the middle of the rotating shape, and the other pole outside to increase the tension of the submatrix, and to free the void zone at the center of the rotating shape. Then we'll obtain an etheric torque rotating at high speed with an etheric spiral void zone in the center, from where radiate the source of antigravific polarization. Because any dielectric material (an idea coming from J.G. Gallimore in the 1970's, and more recently from a member of the jln group) is able to maintain this field or tension in the submatrix, it coudl be used as the body of the rotating part (with or without an electric field, for to push back the submatrix is a way to create an electric field and vice versa ).

3- we can use magnets or crystals to increase the specific odic energy that comes from the fourth dimension throuh their own neutral center. These elements may be the rotating masses (like the magnets in the Searl motor). The high speed rotation will increase the odic light, the noumenon of electricity, which may come in manifestation and create HV like in the S.E.G.. But at the moment I am not sure if the Odic energy is useful or not in the change of gravity polarity, or if it is a secondary phenomenon. I am only persuaded at the moment it is linked to the generation of electricity.

Cedric Dumas, Sept. 9, 2002