The final secret of antigravity ? - Part 1
Le secret final de l'antigravité ? - Volet 1











The study of the etheric phenomenon behind the gyroscopic inertial thust, as well as my own background in ether sciences, the knowledge of the various succesful devices in the field of antigravity etc. led me to eleborate a simple working and coherent model to explain in a simple way the phenomenon of antigravity. It permits to make links between processes which seem to work on very different bases. I used the data given by Helena Blavatsky in her "Secret Doctrine" (knowledge of the ancients) and some other data given here an there in the paramount work of Alice A. Bailey as the main key of my thoughts, without giving too much importance to the various theories on gravity we usually hear or read (for they never explain something except that we don't now how antigravity works). My motto is: all phenomenons should be explained simply to a kid, if not, then they are certainly speculative theories which hardly fits with the real world, for they are just a step towards reality, but not reality itself. The closer we are from reality, the easier we can explain its phenomenons.

Then, let us begin !

The basis of almost all the efficient antigravity devices we know is a rotating mass. Why? What happens exactly when a mass rotates or moves in a circular path ? I have explained all this in the inertial mass page (see But here is a summary: when a mass rotates, its etheric counterpart (hidden inertial mass made of particles, a mass that penetrates and surrounds any object) rotates or moves in the same way. But when the object stops, this subtle mass keeps on moving in the same direction. What we need to study is the shape of this moving mass in a moving object. Below two graphics from the quoted page above, showing the inertial mass of the etheric body - or counterpart- of a cylinder and of a sphere. The one on the left shows this mass in a immobile object. The one on the right shows the same mass in a rotating object. Which is logical because of the centrifugal force applied to the etheric mass (or you may call it "quantic mass"; for it is made of particles moving at slow speed compared with the particles studied in quantum physics).

In the writtings of H.P. Blavatsky, the origin of antigravity is an opposite polarity between the Earth and a given object. Then matter has no mass in itself, but is just composed of polarized subtle fluid that makes something, or someone to have mass or to levitate according to this polarity. The challenge was to make a link between a rotating mass in this polarized fluid. The idea I've found is that there is a difference of polarity between the heavy etheric counterpart which is centrifuged and the lighter one that remains not centrifuged into the coarse object. In the drawing above one can see a dark zone, which is composed of the dense ether pushed towards the limits of the ellipsoid shape.

The dense part is composed of heavy ether or particles. If this fluid is concentrated then its polarity increases (hence: the bigger the density, the higher the gravity mass). If this fluid is scattered in a certain limit it looses its concentration and its polarity decreases. When we centrifugate an object, his inertial mass or etheric fluid goes out from the object, it is no more concentrated. Then if the speed is high enough, the object looses weight. The gravific attraction only acts on a scattered cloud with few polarization, like the clouds which gravitate around the earth. But John W. Keely in the 19th century said that not only a mass may loose its weight, but that it may also be repelled strongly from Earth and attracted from space. And this phenomenon may exist only if their is something more than the loss of weight, that is to say a repelling polarity. Then the idea is that there remains in the centrifugal process a very fine and subtle, light, ether substance in the heart of any object, which is not pushed outside by the centrifugal force, because of its very subtle and tiny density. Then in a rotating object we find outside a heavy ether, having a Gravity Polarization (GP-) opposite to the one of the Earth (GP+), and inside the object a very fine ether (composed of very small particles) being polarized in the same way as the Earth (GP+) but in small quantity.

Here is a graphic illustration of these concepts:

John W. Keely said that terrestrial forces and celestial forces play both their part in gravity control. As Keely used sound to increase the size of the rotating etheric double of any atom (and then object), he controlled gravity in the same way as if we make these objects rotate at high speed. Sound is always more powerful but one needs to know the right chords. This is the link between our present theory and Keely's one.

Thus matter has no mass "per se". Only the interaction of these two polarized substances create gravity and antigravity. The following graphic shows that both Earth and Space have two polarities. When we say space, we say at least the "quality" of space in the solar's system whole ovoid form; and perhaps it has its own etheric double or shape, for we need to think about the solar system as a whole entity, being composed of subtle substance between planets, forming a kind of egg in which the planets turn. But this substance is perhaps not etheric in the usual sense, for this subtle matter of the solar system could belong to another dimension according to the ancients. However, the physical result of this unknown substance (physical or not) remains: the polarity of space:

We can see in this graphic how the ether GP- is attracted by the Earth when it is concentrated in any material object. The finer ether substance GP+ is not active because of its small amount and concentration regarding the GP- ones. Hence Mass and Gravity for any object.


We have now a link between the main experiments with true antigravity: the sympathetic attraction and repulsion of the celestial and terrestrial forces of J. W. Keely, the rotating masses (Searl, Podleknov, and other devices using inertial rotations or movements). But we still have to take into account the Bieffeld Brown effect, which should be the result of a massive inertial thrust of etheric substance between the emittor (point where the lines of electric forces are concentrated and narrow) and the collector, where the accelerated etheric substance turns rapidly and goes back slower to the emitter (principle of the GIT - Gyroscopic Inertial Thruster, link below). Then any assymetrical condenser should help the inertial GP- mass to be projected outwards from any rotating object. This is another clue to understand the Searl effect. Rotating masses plus assymetrical electrical lines of force help to scatter the inertial substance GP- and to free the GP+ substance, to : 1- nullify gravity and 2- produce a repelling thrust from the Earth as well as an attractive pull from space.

Then one will understand (according to the inertial mass / GIT page ( that when we combine the two movements, rotation and circular path, we obtain a spiral-circular path, which is the best way to project the GP- inertial mass outwards. That's certainly the way the Searl motors works, but above all, that's the way the Earth should maintain its gravific GP-/GP+ balance with the Sun. The spiral-circular path of any planet is not then the result of gravity, but the very cause of its gravific balance.

Well, now the only thing we have to do is to work according to this hypothesis. That is to say to work on spiral-circular paths, with perhaps an assymtric electric field to increase the ejection of the GP- heavy ether, hence decreasing its polarity concentration to loss weight, following the Bieffeld Brown effect in the lifters. Note that the etheric pressure of a magnet could perhaps repel the GP- substance...

But one has to find which type of material to use for the rotating masses. Maybe a special material should eject much more easily its etheric substance than any other one, and produce a better effect than the Searl device, and maybe we could create something easier to build and much much cheaper... Once the law is understood, all becomes easier. But I don't want to give too many things here until I experiment myself and obtain reliable and replicable results. There is enough material in this page to open the mind in another direction and to prepare a new understanding of gravity and antigravity. However I suggest you to look at the structure of the particles vortices in the atoms, in the "bases for ether sciences" page (the main bar above).

Cedric Dumas, august 28th, 2002